The deep cleaning solution to remove old clogged-up dirt.

Super K blasts stickiness, dust and grime from the surfaces in your car. It’s great for deep cleaning, before you apply dashboard protection, as it removes old clogged-up dirt. How about your cup holder that turns into a sticky little dust trap? Spray and wipe! Blitz soot, dust, oil, grease, brake dust, insects, bird droppings and unidentified gunky grime deposited by your mini rangers – instantly.  Perfect to use everywhere in your home as well.

What is Super K Cleaner and how does it work?

Super K Cleaner is an intensive and universally usable cleaner for all cleaning tasks. This multifunctional spray that cleans household surfaces rapidly and leaves a fresh smell.

Download our Super K Cleaner technical information sheet to learn more about this superhero product.

Superhero tips when using Super K Cleaner

How to use Super K Cleaner

Follow these easy steps to when using this superhero multi-purpose product:

  1. Spray Super K Cleaner uniformly on the area to be cleaned.
  2. Work firmly adhering dirt with a sponge in addition.
  3. Subsequently remove dissolved dirt and cleaner residues with a wet sponge or water jet.
  4. Rinse sponge frequently if necessary. To clean upholstery, spray a small amount of cleaner on moist sponge and rub upholstery. Follow up by rubbing with sponge rinsed clean, without soaking.

Uses for Super K Cleaner

  • Cleans metals, chrome, plastics, textiles, wood, glass, rubber, varnishes and textile materials thoroughly.
  • Gently cleans contaminations containing soot, dust, oil and grease as well as brake dust, insects and bird droppings.
  • Those running shoes or white sneakers, where ONLY a nailbrush can get the dirt off? Spray Super K and watch the dirt wipe away!

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