Dirt-dissolving spray that dry cleans carpets, upholsteries and sofas.

This dry foam cleaner has special powers to lift dirt from any upholstery or carpets in your car and home without leaving a trace. The dry foam means there’s no damage and no give-away damp smell.

What is Upholstery Foam Cleaner and how does it work?

Our Upholstery Foam Cleaner has been specially developed for gently and quickly removing dirt. This dry foam cleaner forms crystals as the foam dries out, freshens the colours on the parts which have been cleaned but does not leave any dirty edges after treatment. It does not contain any allergenic substances and can be used in any household.

Download our Upholstery Foam Cleaner technical information sheet to learn more about this superhero product.

What is Upholstery Foam Cleaner and how does it work?

Upholstery Foam Cleaner DIY

Follow these easy steps to when using this superhero multi-purpose product:

  1. Shake vigorously before use then spray onto the surfaces to be cleaned to produce a foam.
  2. Allow to act depending on the degree of contamination (2 – 5 minutes).
  3. Rub in using a brush in order to remove stubborn contaminants.
  4. Wipe off residues with a damp sponge (distilled water) or allow to dry and then vacuum.
  5. Repeat process in case of heavy soiling.

This superhero product can play out its strengths to the full in everyday life. The preserving and caring substances are also very intensive, as they have to provide additional protection against UV radiation and road dust in cars.

Uses for Upholstery Foam Cleaner

Upholstery Foam Cleaner is an awesome cleaner for all sensitive materials that you wouldn’t want to wet, including:

  • Upholstery
  • Velours
  • Carpets
  • Vehicle coverings
  • Couches
  • Curtain stains
  • Even your favourite sneakers

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