I have owned over 340 motorcycles over the years, most of which utilised chains to transfer the engine power to the back wheel. Put like that, it makes you realise that without a chain, your 200 and plenty horsepower crotch rocket is pretty damn useless. It also suggests that if you can keep that chain in optimum condition, it will transfer the maximum amount of power possible, to your back wheel. Chain design has advanced tremendously over the years. Introducing ‘X’ and ‘O’ ring chains have helped extend chain life and reduce friction, with resultant power loss, to a minimum. The seals on the individual link pivots use the seals to keep the grease in the chain roller internals, allowing them to rotate freely. So why do we need chain lube then? For two primary reasons. Stop the chain rusting and lubricate the metal on metal surface between the rollers and the sprockets.

Sprockets? Forgot those didn’t you? Chain Spray should actually be called Chain and Sprocket Spray, because that is what it preserves and protects. By regularly applying a decent lube to your chain you will significantly extend the service life and enhance the power delivery properties of your running gear. Enter Liqui Moly’s fully synthetic Chain Spray.

I recently rode down to the Champagne Sports Resort in the Berg. This was a perfect opportunity to put Liqui Moly Chain Spray to the test. From a rider’s perspective, I want a chain spray or lube to do a few things. Owners manuals suggest the use, by and large, of “gear oil” to lube your chain. A typical thick, probably 90 weight, oil. Back in the day, before the serious advance of technology, this is what we used. It works damn well too! On the chain, back wheel, spokes, tyre, frame and last but not least, your pants.

‘Adhering quality’ is thus a biggie for me. The lube I use must stick to the chain and not fling off. By staying on the chain, it also lasts longer, requiring less frequent re-application. By reducing friction, also keeps temperatures down, again extending the life of the chain. I also rate the ease of application. A spray is easy and quick to apply and goes on evenly. So, before I left for the Berg, I applied an even, uniform coat of Liqui Moly to the chain on my MT-07 Tracer. Just have to pack my stuff bag and hit the road.

Here is where Liqui Moly have pulled an absolute Coup. We obviously need to pack the chain lube for our trip. Thing is, I don’t need to lug a 250 ml can along to apply a single squirt to my chain for the return journey. Liqui Moly have come up with a simple solution, possibly prompted by a cross-pollination from their excellent range of bicycle products. Cyclists have no way of carrying huge cans along, so Liqui Moly makes a tiny 50ml can that can be stuffed in the pocket of your cycling shirt, or for us motorised bicyclists, in a jacket or pants pocket. “Is that chain lube in your pocket, or………” tee hee.

This also means that you don’t have to open your luggage to get to your lube. You got more than enough for a return trip to Cape Town, literally in your pocket. Wait!, the cleverness doesn’t stop there. Pop the nozzle off your big can and little can, invert the small can and in the same way, you fill a lighter with fluid, you fill your tiny can from the Big Momma! The male/female nature of the two nozzles make it a fuss-free, mess-free doddle. Damn, that is so clever.

To check how well your lube is working you spy your chain from behind your bike, where it runs around your rear sprocket. You want to see dull, lube coated, rather than shiny rollers. After 400 kays the lube was still perfect. A sure sign of a spray that is not flinging off, breaking down but rather doing its job. I didn’t ride in the rain, so I can’t report on the water resistance, however, it is part of Liqui Moly’s recipe. This is what makes the small pocket can such a boon. If you need to apply regularly, you can. The lube is designed to penetrate, lubricate, resist flinging off, specifically at high speed and is at its best when the propellant has dried completely. Ester technology, which involves stable molecules, good solvency and superior extreme-temperature performance, at its best. I lube my chain when I can let it ‘rest’ a while, like when you lash a quick Wimpy burger and coffee.

For me, the quality of the lube and the convenience of the re-fillable pocket-sized can, is a game-changer. It almost goes without saying that Liqui Moly Chain Spray is suitable for all conventional high performance, as well as O and X ring chains. Another cutting edge product from Liqui Moly.