Over the years we have endured the rising cost of all our typical motorcycling kit. When it comes to helmets, which have to comply with all sorts of standards worldwide, that rising cost has been almost exponential. The old Bell helmet adage of “If you have a ten-dollar head, wear a ten-dollar helmet” still applies, so we cannot afford to scrimp and save when it comes to our most vital and essential single item of motorcycle protective gear. Funnily enough, we are a bit slack when it comes to helmet maintenance. We plonk our lids on our pips and just carry on. With the onset of the latest round of lockdown, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take my helmets out of their bags and give them a proper spit and polish.

Well, over the years I have found that spit and polish doesn’t work so well on the detritus that accumulates on your helmet over time. Enter Liqui Moly and two of their specific helmet care products.

My helmet lining needed some proper cleaning and freshening up, so I grabbed a can of Liqui Moly Helm-Innen-Reiniger or Helmet interior cleaner, as we would refer to it in the old colloquial. This is a 300ml can with a typical spray nozzle. First up was my Bell Adventure helmet. This chap was a bit gungy I am embarrassed to say. Just the odd wipe down through a typical South African summer, had left the ZA Bikers wrapped helmet looking travel-stained and second hand.

I stripped the peak and visor from the helmet, then shook the can vigorously. Spraying the helmet cleaner is amazing. It sprays out as a liquid, which sort of blossoms into a foam when it settles on the lining of the helmet. It is a doddle to apply.

I allowed the foam to work its magic for a couple of minutes, then took a cleaning towel and rubbed it up properly. With the towel now damp from the foam, I wiped the outside of the helmet thoroughly. The accumulated gunge on the area under the peak came off effortlessly. Turning the towel around, I rubbed the helmet into a shiny, like-new finish. I then placed the helmet on my helmet drying fan to dry the inside lining. I cannot lie, I actually got quite excited to see the results. Please understand that the better part of a years adventure riding ingrained dirt needed cleaning, so I was hoping for something of a miracle. Half an hour on the fan and I took a peek. Flippen’ Hell! Mind-boggling! My trusty Bell looked damn near new again! It now looks, feels and smells fresh. I am a believer!

The excellent results got me thinking. If it worked that well on my helmet lining, why would it not work equally well on my BMW ankle boots’ lining? You-bet-ya! I whipped out the laces, sprayed the lining and rubbed it up. I left them to dry overnight. The same result as with the helmet lining. Clean and fresh boot lining too. Just a word of caution. Alcohol is a major component used in the formula. We know from this pesky virus doing the rounds that alcohol kicks the butt of bacteria and other nasties. Don’t light up your smoke while cleaning your helmet. Similarly, allow the lining to dry out completely before putting your helmet on. You may just inhale some seriously intoxicating fumes!

Ok, so on to the visor. The visor spray has a formula that cleans off bugs, removes any dull films like silicone overspray from the visor, leaving it clear and super clean. Another huge claim is that the spray has anti-mist properties. Now that is hugely significant during the winter months, or on a rainy day in summer. For me, it is a double whammy. I wear glasses, so I have both of them (visor and glasses) misting up.

To put this to the test in a way that I could demonstrate it to all of you, I sprayed and wiped clean one of my bathroom vanity door mirrors, leaving the other untouched. The next morning I hopped in the shower. Voila, with water vapour swirling around the bathroom I could still see clearly in the treated mirror, whereas the other mirror looked like car windows after a winters night necking session.

It doesn’t stop there. Phone and computer screens, the inside of your car windscreen, rearview mirrors, spectacles, goggles, the lot! Anything glass or plastic that needs proper cleaning and de-fogging. Just do it!

Guys, these are seriously good products. They do exactly what they promise to do and they do it well. The visor cleaner comes in a handy pocket size spray bottle which makes it a doddle to keep with you.

A clean and clear visor could literally be a lifesaver! A little goes a long way too, so when you amortize the cost across the many applications and the excellent results, it is money very well spent. Get online and place your orders. Your helmets will thank you for it!