The solution to worn-out and stripped screws, nuts and tools.

Liqui Moly Screw Grip is a magic formula of hard crystals in a non-hardening fluid that helps get you out of a tight situation by removing stripped screws, Allen Keys or stuck nuts.

What is Screw Grip and how does it work?

Liqui Moly Screw Grip restores the grip of worn-out screws, stripped screws, stuck nuts and tools. The paste-like fluid hugely increases friction between a tool and the screw or nut being turned. Screwed connections which are relatively inaccessible can therefore be protected from damage and screws which have already been damaged can be unscrewed easily.

Screw Grip is immediately effective and doesn’t require any curing. You can even use it upside down for overhead work. It doesn’t produce any material deposition on cutting-tool tips, it’s easy to use and increases friction.

Download our Screw Grip technical information sheet to learn more about this superhero product.

Superhero tips when using Screw Grip

Screw Grip DIY

Follow these easy steps to when using this superhero multi-purpose product:

  1. Start by shaking you Screw Grip well.
  2. Place a single drop of Screw Grip in or around the damaged screw head or on the tip of the screw driver and put the screw driver in the stripped screw.
  3. Wiggle and move the tool around so that the crystals can fill the stripped tolerances and anchor into each other.
  4. When you feel the grip tightening, you can loosen the screw and voila!
  5. Simply wipe off after applying.

Uses for Screw Grip

Screw Grip is suitable for unscrewing all standard screw types, including the following:

  • Slot screws
  • Cross screws
  • Torx screws
  • Socket head screws
  • Hexagon head screws

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