In case you haven’t noticed, you will know that motorcycles, like many other things, tend to have got rather pricey. If you are even vaguely cut from the same cloth that I am, then you will always be looking for ways to take better care of your two-wheeled investment. I have been around bikes for many, many years and have been a stickler for keeping my bikes clean. Fact is, it has not always been easy. In recent years we have been blessed with numerous dedicated motorcycle care products which are mostly quite good an have helped us in our quest. Recently, however, I have been using something that is quite mind-blowing, both in its effectiveness as well as in its incredibly wide application. Yes, the header would have given it away. Liqui Moly Multi-Spray, as it is called for two-wheeled use, or LM 40 for general purpose. One and the same product!


LM 40 has some industrial ‘superhero’ properties. It displaces water, lifts rust and lubricates with excellent ‘creeping’ properties, which means it penetrates into cracks and crevices. If you think these properties are impressive, you would be spot-on, but you would not even have scratched the surface of what you can use this amazing stuff for. Let’s start first with how I use it on my bike, then I’ll tell you why you must get some for your missus to keep in the home.

Wash your bike as you typically would to remove the main grime, dry it off and now grab your tin of Liqui Moly Multi-Spray