Liqui Moly South Africa hosted an excellent virtual event for their partners involved with the sales and distribution of the quality German brand’s products in Southern Africa. Guests were logged in from as far afield as Germany, Botswana and Swaziland amongst others. Hosted by Melicia Labuschagne and Richard Beswick, with guest funny man Jason Goliath keeping us chuckling—a really fun event. It was our first real exposure to the Liqui Moly family at large, since starting to feature their range of products suitable for motorcycles in our Brand Spotlight section.

The event kicked off with a superb video that showcased Liqui Moly’s involvement in European Car and Truck racing, as well as Formula One and the one that really matters to us, MotoGP.

Melicia explained how lockdown was used to plan and innovate. They launched ‘Melly and Shally’s’ range of videos explaining the specific features and application of various Liqui Moly products.

Videos featuring some of their partners, put the spotlight on what a family Liqui Moly have built around their product offerings in SA. Craig Langton, of Fire it Up and Thomas Tonking from KTM in Centurion, were two of the motorcycle personalities featured.

Next up was a demonstration of the excellent Liqui Moly Advantage App, designed to connect, educate and inform on their product range and the applications thereof. The App is incentivised for significant users (orders exceeding R1,000) to build credits, which, once accumulated can enable them to choose from a host of excellent rewards-based items.

They certainly come across as a ‘giving’ company. For example, their top salesperson in 2020 is off to Mauritius on an all-expenses-paid trip for two, plus R20,000 spending money. Not too shabby, hey? Up for grabs, this year is a trip to spectate at the final MotoGP race of the season, worth R200k! Flip, I’m placing my online orders today! I want to be in that draw (Find out more).

For all you Dirt Donks out there, the bakkies that you use to get your bike to the race or trail, now have a bakkie specific range of products for your truck. Just to make sure that you get to the start line on time. Another product that intrigued me was Marderspray (soon to be rebranded ‘RatBan’ for our local market), a spray that stops pesky rodents from gnawing on your plug leads and brake lines. What I didn’t realise beforehand is how diverse Liqui Moly’s product offering is. Outside of Automotive and Motorcycle, they also cover a wide spectrum of specialised products for; Bicycles, Marine, Aviation and even a product that’ll keep your Browning, Glock and Brno in top nick. Check out Liqui Moly’s ‘Online Store’ to see their full range of products.

Liqui Moly sponsor athletes across a wide range of disciplines. Of particular interest to me is their support of the King Price Extreme Honda Racing team, with riders Clint Seller, Luengo Gaorekwe and Sfiso Themba.

Also sponsored on two wheels, are the following riders: Gareth Gehlig (Superbike), Shaun Kirk (Off-Road), Ryan Shapiro (Inland Motocross), Lodewyk van Vuuren (Off-Road), Casper Pieterse (Inland Motocross) and the Eddy2Race Team (Off-Road) from Cape Town.

What was really touching to see is their ongoing involvement with the sponsorship of the ‘Superheroes Academy‘, a local kiddies shelter. We so need to sow in order to reap.

If you were to ask me what my over-riding impression of Liqui Moly was, as gleaned from the time spent with them, I would perhaps sum it up with three words. Fun, excitement and commitment. The Liqui Moly family work together, play together, and, if needs be, cry together. It doesn’t actually get much better than that.

View Liqui Moly’s full range of motorcycle products right here on ZA Bikers.