Can mineral engine oils be mixed with synthetic engine oils?

Yes, it must be possible to mix the engine oils so that the oil can be topped up at any time. However, the quality of the oil in the engine will be correspondingly effected - increased or reduced. 

Can Oil Additive be added to fully synthetic engine oils as well?

Yes, this has been tested on 10 company vehicles in a field test. The friction and wear is reduced by around 30 %. 

Can two oil or fuel additives be used simultaneously?

Yes, our additives have been formulated so they have no detrimental effect on each other or the mixture as a whole. 

For how many litres of fuel have our fuel additives been formulated?

mtx Carburettor Cleaner 300 ml up to 70 litres

Injection Cleaner  300 ml up to 70 litres

Super Diesel Additive (Art. no. 8366) 250 ml up to 75 litres

Diesel Flush  500 ml up to 75 litres

Diesel Lubrication Additive (Art. no. 5122) 150 ml up to 80 litres

What are the advantages of using special diesel engine oils?

These engine oils contain a higher proportion of cleaning additives to prevent the formation of deposits and also contain chemical substances which coat particles of dirt and prevent the formation of agglomerations. These engine oils are therefore able to keep any soot particles which get into the crank gear in suspension and prevent the formation of deposits which impair performance.

Can Oil Additive or Engine Protect be used for motorcycles as well?

At 20 ml per litre engine oil, this additive has a beneficial effect on wet clutches and prevents clutch slip. We do not recommend Engine Protect for general use in wet clutches. 

Is Injection Cleaner or Valve Cleaner suitable for use on motorcycles?

Generally speaking yes. However, LIQUI MOLY has a separate product range for motorbikes. Those formulations are adapted to the smaller tanks of motorcycles. 

Are the various products of our care product range silicone-free?

Most care products do contain silicone but so do the products of competitors.

However, this does not apply to products such as paint cleaners or silicone removers which are used before painting.  

Are our greases non-corrosive?


Is Motor Protect compatible with the new long-life oils?

Liqui Moly Motor Protect (part no. 1018) can be used in modern long-life oils as well as in Synthoil Long-time Plus 0W-30 and Synthoil Long-time 0W-30.