Getting involved with Corporate Social Investment

In South Africa, we are actively engaged in a number of CSI programmes aimed specifically at early-childhood and youth development, including support of NGO, Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAM SA), The LumoHawk Foundation (a youth education and sports development charity organisation) and The Carte Blanche ‘Making a Difference’ Trust, which is building a dedicated paedeatric and children’s operating theatre at Tygerberg Hospital.

Our CSI programme goes well beyond financial donations. Apart from partnering monetarily with aid organisations with solid credentials and reporting integrity, we also are physically involved in transforming the lives of our country’s underprivileged children.

HandoverIn April 2015, as part of JAM SA’s ‘Adopt a Day-care Centre’, We aligned our self with Little Dinosaur, an early childhood development centre in Diepsloot, Johannesburg. Putting Involvement into CSI with R10 of the sale price of selected LIQUI MOLY products from our motor oil, motorcycle and bicycle lubricant ranges allotted to its designated beneficiaries, LIQUI MOLY customers are very much a part of the company’s philanthropic initiatives, helping to create life-changing opportunities for hundreds of children across South Africa.

The passion our customers have for the LIQUI MOLY products they purchase is being channelled directly to South African children most in need of sustainable nutritional, recreational and educational assistance. When one considers that just R30 feeds a child for a month, the involvement of local business and private citizens in support of our under-privileged youth is not only affordable but imperative,”

Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa

Ernst-Prost-Foundation-LogoUbuntu” – humanity, love and public spirit. A powerful word with so much meaning. Ernst Prost CEO of Liqui Moly has a strong drive to help the children of Africa. This strong passion was born when Mr. Prost visited South Africa and experienced, first hand the conditions so many small children has to face on a daily basis. 

“As much suffering, as much hardship, as much poverty and as much hopelessness as I saw there can only be combated by undertaking real action against it”


Capital foundation

The foundation has a starting capital of EUR 500,000, the majority of which has been donated by the founder Ernst Prost from his own private savings. “I have donated this amount which cannot be touched. The foundation carries out its functions from the revenues from the foundation’s assets, from donations and endowment contributions”, explains Ernst Prost.

Donations and contributions

Endowment contributions and donations make the foundation even more efficient. Together with the profits from the capital foundation, they provide the resources for all of the foundation’s charitable projects. Any type of contribution whether an endowment or donation are tax deductible. The foundation can issue certificates for donations, better known as donation receipts.

Foundation Board

The Foundation Board members are the founder Ernst Prost, his son Benjamin Orschulik and his partner Kerstin Thiele from Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany.


“A lot of help at little cost” is one of the foundation’s policies. The Foundation Board is a voluntary body. This is explicitly stated in the Articles of Association. Costs and money wasting that swallow the foundation’s profits are strictly taboo. The foundation must be operated as lean and efficient as possible. No costs for personnel, rooms and leases are incurred.

Find out more about the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa.



Liqui Moly Super Hero Academy

The official launch of the Liqui Moly Superhero Academy has brought new hope to a homeless community in Boksburg, Gauteng.

Since 1999, families in desperate need of shelter, food and medical care have taken refuge at the New Beginnings Care Centre. The facility has an occupancy rate of approximately 1400 people, many of which are children.

Education is provided at a crèche on-site, but without sufficient funding and support, this has taken place in frightening conditions.

“These children were in filthy conditions, and growing up in complete sadness. I bought into this amazing dream of uplifting an entire community, starting with little children from three months old right up to matric students. This is going to be a miracle place,” said Leigh Scheepers, principal of the Liqui Moly Superhero Academy.

The Liqui Moly team were approached about investing in the structure of the day care, which they soon discovered was nothing more than dilapidated garden sheds. The facility was beyond repair and would have to be demolished and built from the ground.

In collaboration with Joint Aid Management (JAM), the team has worked around the clock for the last three months to create a new environment for the children of the Care Centre.

“When we first came to this center, I saw a lot of heartache and hopelessness. Many of the adults who arrive here have been sleeping on the streets and are suffering from things like addictions and unemployment. The thing is young children who cannot fend for themselves often arrive with them. That’s where Liqui Moly wants to step in – we want to reach out to those helpless children and make a difference in their lives. They are the future of South Africa,” commented an emotional Melicia Labuschagne, managing director of Liqui Moly SA.